At Pak Mail Lilburn you will get all the help possible to pack, crate and ship your item. We will advise you with the best way to pack and ship your valuable.

Small package carriers like FedEx and UPS can handle packages up to 150 Lb and 165 inches in combined length and girth (L+2W+2D) and with 108 inches length any one side of a package.


As for the USPS, The U.S. Post Office will not accept for shipment any package weighing in excess of 70 lbs. The U.S. Post Office will not take, for shipment, a package over 108" in length and girth with the exception of Parcel Post mail which has been expanded from 108” to 130” in combined length and girth.


When your package is larger or heavier Freight lines will be the solution. Call us and we will find the most  suitable shipping solution and service to get your shipment to its destination.


You can also drop off your FedEx, UPS or USPS packages at our store. We do not charge any fees for drop off packages.


No matter what you want to ship, just give us a call and we will pack it and ship it